Uniforma Ltd. team specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced light systems since 1997, implementing LED technology for the lighting market for customers from different fields: architecture, military, industry, agriculture and many others.

  • Uniforma Ltd designs and manufactures fixtures for buildings, exhibitions, auditoriums, highways, parks and other public areas. The company also provides services of light calculation and planning.
  • The R&D department of the company specializes in providing solutions and manufacturing LED products with a flexible approach towards time to market requirements of the customer.
  • The company provides services for many other manufacturers, among them LED UV manufacturers for water purification, photo industry, night vision and other systems which require special lighting conditions in order to perform properly.
  • Uniforma Ltd. provides lighting fixtures for growing vegetables, flowers, poultry and more, after years of cooperation with various research which explored the optimal grow habitat lighting conditions for inducing agriculture growth.

The company’s activity also involves a wide range of solutions in the lighting industry – design and manufacture products for projects together with complex and advanced work profile, while emphasizing precision and high service orientation.

The company follows the development of LED technology and invests many resources in order to stay updated and adopt new technological solutions offered around the world.

Uniforma Ltd.  has the knowledge, equipment and ability to quickly deliver products and find the best possible way to meet the customer’s needs, which gives it a serious advantage in the industry of lighting equipment. Uniforma ltd.  commits to supply high quality products, providing a complete customer satisfaction and quality guarantee for many years.