Façade Engineering:

Façade engineering is one of the most demanding lighting applications fields, due to the many uncontrollable factors involved. Weather conditions and maintenance difficulties demand very durable and long-lasting lighting solutions. LED fixtures are the perfect answer – they can be highly resistant to water, pressure, corrosion and other outdoor factors and require very little maintenance, if at all.

Another important issue to consider when planning a façade lighting is the design. Impressive lighting combinations are an effective way to attract the attention of by-passers: potential clients and audience. For this reason, LED fixtures are widely used on facades of theaters, casinos, shopping centers and other commercial-purpose buildings.

The LEDs do an impressive job for non-commercial buildings as well. For example, in this photo the colors of the flag impressively illuminate the Italian embassy building facade.

As you can see, LED lighting allows to successfully combine technical demands with aesthetic ones without using one at the expense of another, creating magnificent lighting effects that last for many years.