What is
Bio Dynamic Lighting?

Bringing the benefits of daylight indoors

The rhythm of day and night, the seasons and the weather create ever-changing light scenarios during the day.
Bio Dynamic Lighting is an advanced solution that brings the dynamics of daylight indoors.
It creates a stimulating, ‘natural’ light that enhances people’s sense of well-being.

What are the benefits?

Our bodies are affected by the rhythm of night and day. The dynamics of daylight sets our biological clock and influences our sense of well-being. Dynamic Lighting makes us feel good by bringing those dynamics indoors. People can control their own space according to their needs, mood and task, creating exactly the right atmosphere to improve performance and motivation.

The Bio Dynamic Lighting technique is also used in the agricultural industry – we successfully work with farmers to induce crop growth and increase production in farm animals by creating natural lighting conditions for their surroundings.

How does it work?

The change of color temperature and light intensity is achieved by mixing the light output of two different lamps using dedicated optic technology. One lamp has a color temperature of 2600 K (warm white) and the other 5600 K (cool white). Changing the light output of the lamps means the color temperature can vary seamlessly between these two values.



LM-80/79, L-70, TM-21

Photobiological Safety